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WendtOnGames makes games for you! The journey started with the debut game The Thorn of Warldia. Right now we are working on two new games, Crude Rude and The Abundant.

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The Thorn of Warldia

Take control of Thorn, and lead him to his freedom by cutting down all adversaries that stand in his way. The Thorn of Warldia is a tactical RPG, with original character art and story.

Image of Thorn
Image of Ella
Image of Anne
Image of Gloria
Image of Yunn
Image of Rock

Crude Rude

Rude works as a secretary for what seems to be the worst boss ever. One day he tells her something that tips her off the edge. Rude becomes CrudeRude.

Boss Idle
CrudeRude Idle
CrudeRude Walking

The Abundant

You are abundant. You have become discarded. Find your purpose through the endless corpses that will be your stairs. Pictures are soon coming.

The Abundant 1
The Abundant 2
The Abundant 3
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